Like a Game of Battleship

Do you remember playing the game Battleship when you were younger? Searching for boats never loses its excitement: just ask David Hawley, modern-day treasure hunter. “I think you always add more to the history books when you find something like this and look at it first hand,” he says.

As testing continues, we are still keeping our fingers crossed and hoping for the chance to see the Malta’s contents first hand. In the meantime, we have learned some more details about the Malta’s legacy and significance in the town of Malta Bend. According to the Marshall Democrat-News: it’s the talk of the town! Their excellent story, hot off the press today, shares some new details. Take a look, and stay tuned for more updates soon.

Museum closes in on historic Malta Bend steamboat

  • Steve

    Hi David,

    There is another buried treasure in Malta Bend! I am unearthing it — The 1874
    Henry Blosser House — a magnificent Second Empire Mansion with an enormous world-class barn. The world thought the house had been lost — the KC Star called it The Most Endangered Historic Home in Missouri in 2014. You may google it.

    The barn and property would be an amazing site for your display of The Malta and The Arabia. The house — in itself is a destination linked to Arrow Rock and Malta — (there is a belief that family furniture that was in the house came to the area via your ship The Malta) where we reside with our company Heartland Historic Homes — we retore America’s Architectural Treasure. Our restoration of The Blosser House (for a KC owner) begins this fall as does your quest for the Malta. Is there some alignment with the axis Malta Bend? We could provide you space at The Blosser House for your endeavor…and catering, souvenir shop area etc….

    Steve email….

    • Shannon Ford

      I visited the Arabia museum over 10 yrs ago, it left such an astounding impression on me and lite a fire for a love of historical architecture to this day. Steve I think your idea of bringing together the restoration of The Blosser Home and the Malta is an incredible idea! I look forward to visiting both (whether together or separate) once these great accomplishments have been unearthed. Best of luck to you both on these endeavors.


  • Independer

    Would love to see an update. Where does the search stand now?

    • Independer

      I keep checking in to see if there is any new news. I understand the Missouri River levels during the winter are a factor. Since it has been high most of the summer I wonder if that means another delay.

  • Kay Poyner Brown

    I would like to volunteer in some capacity in the excavation of the Malta. Who can I contact to learn more about getting involved.

    I have the academic credentials (archaelology and American History) field and archaeology lab work experience, am not afraid to get dirty, wet, cold, etc and have family in the area that will feed and house me.
    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kay Poyner Brown